Broker Registration


Far West Centre, LLC, a California limited liability company, invites you to take advantage of our Broker/Agent Referral Fee Program (“Program”). The following are guidelines that need to be followed in order to participate in the Program.


The Broker/Agent referral fee (“Referral Fee”) is based upon the sales price of the home, excluding upgrades and options. Broker/Agent Referral Fees are only payable upon the successful close of escrow of the home, and only to properly licensed Real Estate Brokers. Contact the Sales Representative(s) for the Broker/Agent referral rate currently in effect.


Far West Centre, LLC reserves the right to set criteria for Brokers/Agents to be eligible to participate in this Program and to limit participation to selected Brokers, provided such selection is not based on race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, physical handicap, marital status, or national origin.


To be eligible for a Broker Referral Fee, the Broker/Agent MUST accompany the Buyer(s) on their first visit to THE CENTRE (the “Far West Community” or “Community”) and must have registered that/those Buyer(s) as their client(s) in writing AT OR BEFORE that first visit. Seller will pay the Referral Fee to the referring Broker or the Agent’s Broker at the close of escrow. The Broker/Agent must provide Seller with a copy of (i) the applicable active license and (ii) proof of client registration for the file.


Seller will extend an “industry courtesy,” basically a finder’s fee, to any Buyer who is an active licensed Agent or Broker that will take the form of a credit at the close of escrow that can be applied to closing costs or the purchase of upgrades or flooring from Seller.


Registrations are valid for a period of ninety (90) days from the date Buyer(s) and Broker/Agent sign the Registration form, during which period the prospective Buyer(s) must execute a valid sales contract. Broker/Agent may extend the Registration for one sixty (60) day period by meeting with the Community’s Sales Representative(s) within the last five (5) days of the initial Registration period and completing a new Registration form.


Far West Centre, LLC reserves the right to change, without notice, prices, financing offered and other terms available to the Community’s Buyer(s). Therefore, Broker/Agent should not quote prices or terms to prospective Buyer(s); Far West Centre, LLC’s Sales Representative(s) will provide all necessary information to prospective Buyer(s) and handle all paperwork for the sale from signing of the sales contract through the close of escrow.


Only the Community’s forms and contracts will be accepted. Far West Centre LLC will not accept offers or deposits using other forms.


Buyer(s) must be pre-qualified by Seller’s Preferred Lender. This does not mean that Buyer(s) must use the Preferred Lender; Buyer(s) may use their lender of choice. Contact the Sales Representative(s) for details.


Far West Centre, LLC reserves the right to terminate or change the amount of the Referral Fee without notice or obligation. Far West Centre, LLC reserves the right to pre-sell, reserve or otherwise remove certain homes from the Program. Any questions regarding this Program should be addressed to the Sales Representative(s).

This form serves to establish registration only. A formal signed agreement with the Seller will be required at the time of the Buyer’s purchase. By signing below you acknowledge the above terms and conditions.

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